We make yoga clothes for you that combine perfectly with each other to make beautiful outfits.

yoga clothes for women - sustainable yoga fashion - lilii yoga pants with cosma matching yoga top

Never be uncomfortable in your yoga clothes again

Breath of Fire Eco & Yoga fashion is one of the eco-fashion brands in Europe that is, above all, pure, elegant, and ethically made to be the right fit for your silhouette!
At the center of our approach is the principle of Ahimsa, which demands proper working conditions (no employee exploitation or overtime working) and complete respect for the human being and the environment.

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Magic earth - when art meets yoga

“Magic Earth” was born from a photograph of an exotic fuchsia nettle to which Maya added her paint in order to express the beauty of the plant. This beautiful print is lively and goes beautifully with many colours.

Discover our vega yoga leggings, our sohang top and our yoga bra in this print!

Let’s work together for a more equitable and beautiful world!

We are fully committed to making the world a fairer and more beautiful place through our yoga clothing. An excellent quality together with grace and elegance, combined with a splendid color palette and unique and smart clothing cut, results in a wonderful collection of clothes suitable for any yoga practice and everyday life.

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Taupe – The Colour of Contentment

The mole is a soft and delicate colour, warm and calling for comfort. The mole is actually a shade of grey and light brown that refers to the coat of the small animal of the same name.

This colour, which has been very popular in recent years, symbolizes relaxation and contentment and owes its popularity to its ability to combine calm and elegance while recalling the natural.