How to choose your yoga pants according to your body type

How to choose your yoga pants according to your body type

It is commonly accepted that the female body type can be divided into five categories (the O-A-V-H-8 shapes) based on the characteristics of each body. There are no good or bad body types, and there is no perfect body type.

It is rather important to know which category you belong to in order to choose the right clothing to emphasize your shape. To do this, you can stand in front of a mirror, in your underwear or in close-fitting clothes, with your feet flat on the floor. Observe your figure impartially but without self-criticism.

Once you have defined your silhouette, refer to our advice related to your morphology.



The five types of silhouette


Here is the silhouette diagram:



But beware, to this is also added your size: you can be a V-shaped woman but rather small or rather large size. For our clothing advice, in connection with the Breath of Fire yoga clothes created especially for you, we suggest you also take into account your size as well as your body shape.


O-shaped morphology: the hips and shoulders are not very marked and disappear at the level of the chest, often generous. The waist is not very marked.


Morphology in A: it is a morphology rather widespread in the women. The shoulders are rather narrow and the hips wider.


V-shaped morphology: here the shoulders are wider than the hips.


H-shaped morphology: a rather straight silhouette with shoulders and hips of similar size and a slightly marked waist.


Morphology in 8: here the hips and the shoulders are of the same size, but the waist is well marked. The forms are rather round and voluptuous.


A collection designed to enhance your body


Lia Kauhs, the creator of our line, has sought to create, with the help of experienced stylists, models that fit many different body types and sizes. This is the main characteristic of our collection!


It is your body that will inhabit the garment, and thanks to the soft jersey fabrics, give it its shape. For these reasons, our fabrics, whether bamboo or cotton, have a certain thickness and a nice quality to allow you to feel good when you show your shape without feeling like exposing yourself.


Our models fit all body types!


We offer a nice range of pants and a number of tops. The most important choice for your practice will be, first, the right pants. Followed by the matching top. But, there are still decisions to be made to best assemble your personal Breath of Fire outfit. This will involve a judicious mix of colors, garment size and styling.


We are not going to go into detail here about the various clothes related to your practice of yoga, meditation or sport. Just keep in mind that the more toned and focused your practice is on postural precision, the more you will have to choose a close-fitting garment.


The basic note of our collection is sobriety and elegance


Instead, we suggest clothes with full colors, natural tones that you can enhance with some brighter elements. Plain outfits are timeless and elegant, and best meet the spirit of yoga. However, multiple color combinations will allow you to assert your personal style and enhance your body shape.




Here are some tips related to your figure


You have an A shape:


Very “feminine” silhouette par excellence, the objective will be to redraw your shoulders while avoiding to reinforce the width of your pelvis.


Our pants with the small skirt like the SOHANG, YAMALA or ¾ INDERJIT are particularly suitable to highlight your A-shape figure!


The SOHANG TOP in a lighter color than the pants (worn over the pants), or a plain outfit with an AMBA jacket in another color, are combinations that always work well. Our VEGA leggings in bamboo, paired with a SOHANG top, or our COSMA T-SHIRT in “relax fit”, ensure that your look is balanced between wide hips and thin shoulders.



If you are less than 165 cm tall and wear a size M, the SOHANG pants will be too bulky for you in fabric. Simply choose another model less wide and less long.




You have a morphology in 8:

With your similar shoulders and hips, your waist naturally attracts attention and will be your main beauty asset!


To enhance it, there are two main possibilities that you can easily combine. The first one is to accentuate the shoulders and the pelvis in order to further refine your waist by optical effect. The second possibility is to mark your waist and to refine it thanks to a curved cut close to the body. For you, an outfit with the VEGA leggings and the AURORA bra can be sublime. Just like the AMRIT outfit with its tunic and matching leggings.


With this type of body shape, you have a lot of freedom, so treat yourself!





You have a V-shaped body :



The silhouette of the sportswoman par excellence. With a developed top, the goal is to flesh out and draw attention to your lower body. For this, choose models that bring more volume to the bottom.

A SOHANG PANT, chosen in a size too small rather than too big, a YAMALA, a legging with a pattern or in a brighter color, or our soft and fluid LILII pants.

With their particular shapes and colors, they will naturally highlight your waist and hips and easily “feminize” your figure. Don’t hesitate to highlight your breasts with an AURORA bra which, with its wide straps and feminine neckline, will optically refine your shoulders.





You have an H-shaped body:



With your similar hips, shoulders and waist, you have an already pretty balanced figure. To add a touch of femininity, you just need to mark your waist a little more.

Choose our flowing COSMA T-Shirt for your upper body that will add volume to your silhouette (to be worn fitted or not). With your beautiful silhouette, many variations are possible, but do not forget to bring a touch of femininity to your look with, for example, the SOHANG PANTS or thanks to the choice of colors.


Be careful not to pronounce your waist too much, which could cut your silhouette in two and cause the opposite effect of what is sought!





You have an O-shaped body:


With an O-shaped body, the objective is clear, you must draw and lengthen your silhouette. Indeed, with your little marked waist, it is advisable to bring structure with some tricks!


First, choose a flowing but not too loose top like the COSMA or SIRI to give an optical effect to the waist. Opt for straight or tight pant cuts, always with a view to keeping a light silhouette. MAHAN PANTS has proven itself for women over 170 cm, if not our VEGA leggings or LILII “relax fit” pants are good choices. If you feel comfortable with them, choose light or solid colors, which will bring lightness, freshness and elegance to your silhouette.


We will avoid all the clothes too loose which will break the effect of fluidity sought.


And if you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to visit one of our consultants at La Boutique du Yoga in Lausanne, who will be able to help you and guide you towards an ideal look, by exploring accessories, colors and layering!


And above all, don’t forget to have fun! Colors, shapes and fabrics are there to affirm a part of our identity, bring us joy and a good dose of self love!

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