Spiritual Colours and their Meanings

Spiritual Colours and their Meanings

We are surrounded by an endless palette of colours that make up the world around us. Each colour has its own unique properties and meanings, which can vary depending on culture and personal preference. For example, in the West, blue is often associated with sadness or depression, while in India, it is considered to be a sacred and auspicious colour.

Among the different colours present around us, spiritual colours have specific meanings attached to them. We use these spiritual colours in our Breath of Fire yoga clothing collection to bring good vibes and positive emotions into our lives.

Yoga outfits do not always have to be white. We hope that by offering a variety of yoga clothing in different designs and spiritual colours, we can make your yoga sessions more colourful and stylish. Expecting that understanding the spiritual meaning of each colour will help you choose your yoga costume, let’s not waste a second more and get started!

White – The Colour of Purity

Pure white allows us to connect to the ether, to the light connected to the divine. Often we forget the gift of life, our “self”, our soul, which expresses our personal capacity for unconditional love. Allow yourself to be happy today, to enjoy the simple expressions of life by opening your heart and eyes to the beauty around you.

In Yoga, white represents purity. For example, dressing entirely in white is strongly recommended in various yogic currents, such as kundalini yoga. Do you know why? That’s because, according to Yogi Bhajan, white, the colour of purification, extends and strengthens the electromagnetic field of the aura. White is the addition of all colours and sends or reflects strong light vibrations. This colour also offers clarity, calm, and neutrality.

Wearing pure white gives a sense of purity and positive neutrality while enhancing the aura. Have second thoughts? Dress in white on a Saturday morning and go for a walk in the market; you will certainly feel that people look at you differently than when you were wearing a grey training. Spiritual communities often wear pure white intending to give an identity that is dissociated from the ego and conveys the purity of being.

Ivory – The colour of Truth

When you look at the sky, you can see clouds of pristine white, while on Earth, white is expressed in countless variations. Ivory white unites the being with life energy that expresses itself in an earthy state of mind. Allow you to be yourself today by simply accepting your many facets.

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By wearing ivory white, you become aware that perfection is an extension of a multitude of flaws and that you must accept that nothing and no one is perfect. We are all on the path that belongs to us, each with our own spiritual development, needing no judgment from others.

Moreover, ivory is the natural colour of cotton. It represents the unmodified colour of the primary textile. Did you know that cotton is the fabric recommended for thousands of years for the practice of Yoga?

Taupe – The Colour of Contentment


The mole is a soft and delicate colour, warm and calling for comfort. The mole is actually a shade of grey and light brown that refers to the coat of the small animal of the same name.

This colour, which has been very popular in recent years, symbolizes relaxation and contentment and owes its popularity to its ability to combine calm and elegance while recalling the natural.

Atlantic Blue – The Colour of Wisdom

Deep Blue or Atlantic Blue is the colour of the sky and oceans, seas and lakes, representing wisdom, dream, and serenity. In the past, deep blue was a colour reserved for royalty because blue pigments were very expensive, hence the famous “royal blue”.

Today, blue is one of the colours most commonly advertised as “favourite”. This colour brings calm and is associated with abundance. In Yoga, blue is the colour of the chakras of the throat, the chakra of communication supporting the ability to say things, to communicate and to recognize one’s freedom to express the Truth.

This colour, “Atlantic Blue”, has been inspired by the Gatka martial art and the beautiful outfit of the warriors. Bound with Sikhism, the practice of Gatka is also a spiritual art.


Purple – The Colour of Sweetness

The spiritual meaning of purple is wisdom and bravery. Purple represents sweetness and dreams. It is a soothing colour that helps calm strong emotions and leads to spirituality and the desire to go beyond material concerns. The coronal chakra, the sacred doorway between uniqueness and self, is widely represented in dark purple. The Purple colour brings magic and supports the imagination. 

This colour has high vibration; it is nevertheless not recommended for melancholic people with strong anchoring problems and will be beneficial to people seeking to belong to the whole, to those who have problems with authority or suffer from sleep disorders. In fact, meditating with the purple colour can help you tap into sacred wisdom and a spiritual path.

Purple is often used to represent the Coronal chakra Sahasrara which supports the ability to bring awareness and meaning to one’s existence beyond the material world.

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Deep Green – The Colour of Nature

Green is the most common colour in nature, trees, foliage, moss, and other plants. Spiritually, green represents the sap of life, and as such, it is a dynamic colour. Green refers to detachment and neutrality of mind. In Western culture, green is associated with luck and hope. Choosing green can present a need for space, balance, or love. Green is the heart chakra’s Anahata colour, universal love, renewal, and harmony.

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Saffron – The Colour of Strength & Courage

Saffron links the human being to the golden light of a sunrise. Some traditions believe in the existence of a golden envelope around our physical body, like an eggshell. This golden shell is a beautiful image expressing our vitality, our solar energy. Become aware of your dynamism today because boredom and discouragement simply disappear when different moments and situations present themselves to you in a new light.

Saffron is a highly spiritual colour. Worn by the swamis of India, saffron brings a lot of light, revitalizes, and supports strong spirits.

Saffron is the colour of the sacred chakra, named Svâdhistâna in Sanskrit. This chakra is the centre of sexual health, emotions, and appetite. Located under the navel, it is the connection centre of all the nadis. It is important to cultivate a second strong chakra to radiate its light fully and be able to face all adversities. Wearing saffron brings well-being and radiance. Wearing this colour, a warm glow surrounds you. Saffron is the colour of Surya-the sun.

Bordeaux – The Colour of Confidence

Bordeaux connects you with the heartbeat that guides you through your daily life. Muladhara chakra, the vortex energy at the bottom of your spine, wishes to connect you with the Earth and is visualized in meditation by an intense red. Become aware of the energy of the Earth’s centre, the lava heart that protects us by its magnetic field from the solar winds and allows us to live on Earth. But also of the Earth itself, in the strength of its perpetual rotations, travelling at 40,000 km/h effortlessly through the Milky Way. Connect to this energy today and keep what Buddhists call “happy effort”.

Wearing Bordeaux inspires a state of peaceful gratitude in sharing spirituality. The Dalai Lama represents this state of being with his humour, patience and perseverance in working for the oppressed Tibetan people. He is an imposing example to us all in the field of commitment on a human scale.

Bordeaux is a dark shade of red with an oaky undertone. This colour is often considered passionate and refers to sensuality, vigour, passion, and love. 

When arranged correctly, this colour can create a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. Else, it can create a heavy and negative environment. This colour spiritually represents ambition and confidence.

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Black – The Colour of Power

Fear of the unknown? Welcome to black! Black swallows every colour and unites us with our deep existential fears. Where do we come from? Where are we going? The night is dark, yet the sky is still dotted with stars. We desire to explore the unknown, driven by the need to go beyond our limits. Change one of the clothes you are wearing today, change your usual route, sleep on your balcony, try a fruit you don’t know, and realize how quickly we condition and limit ourselves in our perceptions.

Black is a mysterious colour representing nothingness, night, death, authority, austerity, and rigour. Interestingly, black absorbs all wavelengths, which gives it an absence of transparent colour. Behind its worrying representation, black is also a vehicle of elegance and sobriety and encourages introspection. Black represents the original purity, the nothingness before creation, and the creative potential contained in the nothingness. Black is a serious, strong, and prestigious colour that conveys humility and austerity depending on its use.

Wearing black is special. Black is connected to a sense of elegance, determination, creativity and strength. These qualities will be necessary to explore your unknown, shadow areas, and hidden self with its fears and compulsive behaviours.


So these are the spiritual colours we use in our yoga clothing. Hope this blog helped you understand the significance of each one of them. What’s your favourite colour for your yoga clothing, and what does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Why are colours important ?

Colours are the very first elements from which we will experience the sense of sight when we are babies. They, therefore, play a fundamental role in our personal development and the way we perceive the world around us. At first, the colours help us to differentiate things and later on, they allow us to make choices. The colours are one of the first elements that allowed us to assert our tastes and still remain in adulthood an affirmation of these. Without even thinking of it, we communicate our preferences whenever we wear them.

What are spiritual colours ?

Spiritual colours are those that are associated with or signify the soul. Red, orange, yellow, green, white, black, and brown are some of the spiritual colours. Each of these colours has spiritual significance as well as other positive vibes associated with it.



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